Lorinda E. ★★★★★

Scott has, hands down, the most motivating persona I have ever come across. His positive spirit and helpful health tips are just a couple of things I love about being around Scott. I have witnessed his handiwork on a few of my good friends and have seen the amazing results his motivation and hard work sculpt on their physique. Scott is the best kind of trainer because he makes the workouts fresh and fun. He really seems to go that extra mile for his clients and truly, in his heart of hearts wants everyone to succeed in their fitness goals.

I couldn’t recommend anyone any higher than I do Scott Yonehiro. His dedication to educate and motivate is really seen in his documentary about his 90 day challenge to carve out his fit rocken body out of the blubber he forced himself to paste on to his body by doing everything he preaches not to do. It was incredible watching him gain those ugly fat pounds just so we could all watch his body transform over those 90 days. What a sacrifice that was. I can’t even imagine letting myself step backwards into old habits that cause unhealthy side effects…and then watching my figure be buried under layers of visceral fat. I would be scared I would not be able to get back to my former healthy self. Scott showed us that he really believes in what he does and trusts his method to bring about the results he promises. He is just amazing.