Dax V. ★★★★★

29 Jun

Last year at this time I finally came to grips with the fact that I was 36 years old and hadn’t actually worked out or exercised in any significant way since I was in high school. I was a new father and I just knew I wasn’t on the right track to becoming a grandfather someday. Something had to change quickly and I knew I needed real help to make it happen. I went on Yelp and landed on his page.

Hate to be corny, but Scott’s SY program, starting with the 90 day challenge, changed my life for good. There’s actually no doubt in my mind that I’ll never, ever let my health slip back to where it was before. Everything about Scott’s system just works for me.

Before I started the 90 Day Challenge, I was at least 40 pounds over weight. I couldn’t jog half a block without running out of breath, and I couldn’t carry my baby in my arms for 5 minutes without my biceps burning. It was pathetic.

My goal for the 90 day challenge was to just get my cardiovascular and muscle endurance up to a healthy level and of course to shed a couple inches in the process.

Those goals were surpassed within 60 days and my body was already transforming. All of a sudden our focus shifted from just getting in shape to actually trying to get in the greatest shape of my life … and that’s exactly where I am a year later. Greatest shape of my life. SY got me there quickly, but in a way that truly feels permanent to me.

My honest opinion is that if you’re ready to get on top of your physical well being through both diet and exercise but feel like you need the right guidance and motivation to get it done, you’ve found the right place.

29 Jun

I am both thankful and lucky to have found Scott Yonehiro and his SY Performance team. As a way-too-skinny middle-aged cubicle jockey, I finally decided to get off my butt and pursue a healthier lifestyle. Call it a mid-life crisis, but the investment I decided to make in personal training has been the best investment I can ever imagine making. I found Scott’s team the same way you are doing…I looked for the most 5-Star ratings I could find on Yelp. Months later, I can tell you 5 Stars really are not enough to relay the quality of service, care and genuine passion SY Performance has shown to help me achieve my goals.

The SY team got me started immediately, teaching me how to properly utilize the gym and work each muscle group. They taught me routines which lead to efficient and effective workout practices. And they give me their undivided attention during each session…encouraging me to push myself but never made me feel uncomfortable.

And that’s just half the story, as SY also provided me with a new diet regimen to help ensure that I can maximize the results of the training I am putting in. They review my meals every day and instruct any changes or alterations I need to make to meet my goals. I don’t have to guess anymore…an effective diet is all prescribed by SY and the results have been most evident.

Speaking of results, I have completed the SY 90-day program and gained 15 pounds of solid muscle w/out increasing my body fat percentage. More importantly, thanks to what I’ve learned from SY and the habits I have formed I am now hitting the gym six days a week on my own, or often with Scott or other friends I’ve made in group training sessions. This to me is the most amazing development, because before I called Scott I had never hit the gym in my life. What a difference a few months makes with the proper training and coaching. I simply cannot recommend Scott Yonehiro’s SY program enough.

29 Jun

At the end of October 2011 I decided I had had enough. I was tired of being fat and tired. There was a newer trainer at the gym my wife was going to and she had talked to him and thought he might be a good fit for me. That trainer was Scott Yonehiro. I have now been a client of Scott Yonehiro’s for a little over six months and I have to say that his SY Performance system works. I am already in the best shape I have been in in the last twenty years and working with him has inspired me to push further and get myself in the best shape of my life.

Scott’s system is the complete package. I have been through periods of my life where I watched what I ate in order to lose weight. I also trained with another trainer in order to get in shape without watching my diet. Neither of those worked for me. But using Scotts system, under his guidance, eating a customized diet and training with him three days a week and three days on my own has been the combination that has worked me. I have lost thirty pounds of fat and am now in the process of replacing it with lean muscle.

I find Scott to be not only a master trainer but a master motivator as well. He gives you things to think about on all levels as he really understands what is going through your mind as you are changing your body and bring fitness into your life. His style is relaxed but please understand that he takes training and training you dead serious, so you should make sure you are serious as well. It will be worth it, you will feel so much better as the system starts to take effect and your lifestyle will change. The way you think about eating and fitness will change as well and will grow in your life.

Working with Scott has been a nothing but a pleasure for me, I feel better and stronger everyday and know that with his help I will reach my fitness goals and then some. Easily one the best things I have ever done for myself.

29 Jun

After my consultation meeting with Scott, I knew his program was something I wanted to sign up for. I luckily convinced my boyfriend (now fiance) to sign up in preparation for our future wedding and to learn the principles towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is Scott the trainer that pushes you to your limit and challenges you physically, he is also there to support you mentally when you want to just give up. He understands that each person’s level is different and works with you to seek improvement gradually so you can reach your goal. I completed the 90 days challenge and feel a difference in my body as I have lost body fat and inches all over.

Noticing a dramatic difference in my mood, energy level and the quick weight loss with my body only after a few weeks of eating strictly vegetarian food, he informed me about the “eating for your blood type” diet and predicted that my blood type favored vegetables and not protein. Of course, Scott’s prediction became a reality and it was the death of me, but at least now I know why my energy level is low and why certain foods make me feel the way I do, something I would never had known had it not been for Scott.

For those looking to improve your lifestyle with fitness and diet, Scott is definitely your guy! You just have to realize that his program is not just for 90 days, it is a program to change your way of life.