Private & Semi-Private Personal Training

Private Training

The SY Performance Private Training Program is a premier level of personal one-on-one training designed to specifically achieve a client’s personal fitness goals.

Personal training with SY Performance begins with an initial consultation & fitness evaluation that includes:

  • Discussion of goals and expectations
  • Health history and orthopedic injury assessment
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Ultrasound body fat test and body composition measurements
  • Postural and structural evaluation
  • Core assessment
  • Behavior modification tools
  • Goal setting with agreed upon follow up dates
  • Pre-training photos to compare against Post-training photo – (optional)

Types of Programming:

  • Body fat loss
  • Mass gain
  • Sport specific
  • Post rehabilitation
  • Pre/post natal
  • Limited time and travel programs
  • Film/Television preparation
  • Teen training
  • Senior fitness
  • Lifestyle/Fitness Coaching
  • Private Pilates, Yoga and Power Stretching

Semi-Private Training

At SY Performance, we are proud to offer our Semi Private Training program, in which up to three people share a training session with one SYP personal trainer. While this is a departure from traditional one-on-one Private Training, we have discovered over the years that for many people semi-private training is a dynamic and affordable personal training option.

Here’s what Semi Private Training at SY Performance Incorporates:

  • Up to three people share a training session with one SYP certified personal trainer, which reduces the cost of personal training by up to 50% per person over traditional private one-on-one training.
  • Our Tabata style circuit training format is a great way to get strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core training, calorie burning and flexibility improvement all in one session.
  • It’s highly effective for weight loss, muscle toning, and overall improvement in health.
  • No long-term contracts, initiation fees or large up front costs.
  • Suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced fitness levels.
  • Morning, evening and weekend sessions available.
  • Call to set up a private consultation with one of our elite SYP Trainers.


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Jessica W – Los Angeles

I am incredibly thankful for Scott and his team of trainers. CanSer devastated my body a few years ago and I have struggled to get it back. (yea, I know it’s spelled wrong. just a lil’ extra eff you, canSer…I don’t even spell your name right. ) With a combination of good exercise routines, rest, and nutrition, they are getting me whipped right back into better shape than before I got sick. Scott is always willing to answer questions and is like a walking Encyclopedia when it comes to physical fitness. The trainers are respectful and mindful of my unique needs and I am always reminded that I am Ohana. Between SY training and my own personal dedication, I’m takin’ back the bubble butt canSer stole from me. Boo. Yeah.

Thank you, SY Performance Academy!!!

Alay P – Los Angeles

I discovered this great place through Yelp while looking for gyms along with its good trainers in Burbank. I found really good reviews for SY Performance and its main trainer – Scott Yonehiro.

Me and my wife have our wedding coming up and we were looking to get in shape real quick. I got in contact with Scott and he invited us for a class for free evaluation. Yes – Free evaluation !!! Me and my wife were so much impressed with his evaluation class that we decided to take sessions with him.

Scott is not only highly knowledgeable in body fitness but also has great ability to understand your fitness goals and schedule a specific workout and diet plan that suits your body to achieve results. His workout sessions focuses not only on losing weight(which me & my wife desperately wanted) but also increase your body strength tremendously. Scott not only just makes you workout but also explains the benefits of every exercise in depth which is really crucial. Scott carved out a great diet plan for us that we would never have imagined of. At the end of the workout sessions, me and my wife were able to witness awesome results that we never would have thought to achieve on our own in just a month & half !!! We saw results not only in losing weight but also getting our body toned with great body strength.

I had bad splints in the past and it used to bother me while playing tennis. After Scott’s workout sessions with a healthy diet plan, my shin splints has almost gone. Scott’s sessions helped me to make my lower body strong enough to tremendously reduce shin splints.
Scott is a great guy. He has a great positive attitude. He always motivates you in pushing yourself more & more during workouts. We are done with our workout sessions but it just does not end here. Today, being inspired by Scott, me & my wife strictly follow healthy diet plan, go for workouts on our own and live a healthy lifestyle not only physically but also mentally.

Thanks Scott for helping us out in such a short time and getting us in shape for our wedding.

Chelsea T. –

I have been training with Scott for about four months and I can already say with certainty that it is the best investment I have ever made for myself. I only wish I had done it sooner!

I signed up for Scott’s 90 day program after several years of having the best intention to develop a consistent workout routine, but continuously falling short on this plan due to a busy work schedule combined with lazy habits. I needed someone to hold me accountable and to get me going again. I had never worked with a trainer before, so I was super nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but Scott’s energy is so supportive and warm that I immediately felt comfortable and motivated from the very first initial consultation with him.

Scott will provide you with everything you need to be successful. On a nutritional level, he will make sure you understand what you’re supposed to eat, when you’re supposed to eat it, and how much of it you’re supposed to eat. On a fitness level, he will make sure you actually understand the exercises you’re performing and how to perform them correctly. He won’t let you get away with improper form and he will probably make you do exercises you’d really rather not and will continue to make them harder and harder, but afterwards you will feel amazing and like you can accomplish anything life throws at you! If you’re doing a great job, he will let you know. If you can push yourself harder, he will let you know. It all comes from him truly having your back and caring! On top of all of that, he is so fun and personable to talk to, you will forget you were mad that he made you do those 3 sets of burpees ;).

Every week I continue to lose weight, drop body fat, lose inches in all of the right places, and pick up muscle. Not only that, but my energy has doubled, and I feel much happier and less stressed! This is just the beginning of my fitness journey and I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish. I know that it will all be thanks to the expertise and support from Scott!!

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