Dax V. ★★★★★

Dax V. ★★★★★

Last year at this time I finally came to grips with the fact that I was 36 years old and hadn’t actually worked out or exercised in any significant way since I was in high school. I was a new father and I just knew I wasn’t on the right track to becoming a grandfather someday. Something had to change quickly and I knew I needed real help to make it happen. I went on Yelp and landed on his page.

Hate to be corny, but Scott’s SY program, starting with the 90 day challenge, changed my life for good. There’s actually no doubt in my mind that I’ll never, ever let my health slip back to where it was before. Everything about Scott’s system just works for me.

Before I started the 90 Day Challenge, I was at least 40 pounds over weight. I couldn’t jog half a block without running out of breath, and I couldn’t carry my baby in my arms for 5 minutes without my biceps burning. It was pathetic.

My goal for the 90 day challenge was to just get my cardiovascular and muscle endurance up to a healthy level and of course to shed a couple inches in the process.

Those goals were surpassed within 60 days and my body was already transforming. All of a sudden our focus shifted from just getting in shape to actually trying to get in the greatest shape of my life … and that’s exactly where I am a year later. Greatest shape of my life. SY got me there quickly, but in a way that truly feels permanent to me.

My honest opinion is that if you’re ready to get on top of your physical well being through both diet and exercise but feel like you need the right guidance and motivation to get it done, you’ve found the right place.