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19 Dec

Millions of people believe that paying for a personal trainer is worth it. After all, the personal training industry continues to increase in market size each year. However, everyone will have to answer the question “are personal trainers worth the money?” for themselves, by determining what makes working out with a trainer valuable. Here’s a look at who hires trainers, why they do it and why so many people in SoCal respond with an enthusiastic “YES!” when asked “is getting a personal trainer worth it?”

Who Hires Personal Trainers

There is no one-size-fits-all personal training client. People of all ages and all fitness levels hire personal trainers for myriad reasons including:

  • Becoming stronger
  • Boosting mental health
  • Building muscle mass
  • Changing appearance
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Gaining more confidence
  • Healthy aging
  • Improving overall health
  • Losing weight
  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Prepping for a role in a film/television
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Stress relief

You may notice that all these goals could be accomplished without hiring a personal trainer. Likewise, people can do their own taxes, but still hire accountants. People can sell their own homes but still hire real estate agents. People can cut and dye their own hair, but still go to stylists.

Why People Pay for Personal Training

When it comes to getting in better physical shape, people hire personal trainers because of their expertise. Just like you could spend hours learning all about how to list, market, negotiate, and properly file all paperwork to complete a real estate transaction, you could spend hours reading about nutrition, learning which exercises target which muscle group, and studying the safest techniques for building strength.

But is that a good use of your time? Do you have that time to devote to figuring it out yourself? Can you reach your goals as quickly as you want to, going it alone?  Or is paying for a personal trainer worth it because they are an expert, who can help you accomplish your goals?

A second key reason that people hire a personal trainer lies in the fact that personal training makes people accountable, chiefly because they have paid for the service. While canceling your plans to go to the gym after work and get in a quick cardio session, cancelling on your personal training appointment hits you in the pocketbook.

Is it Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? (Ask Hollywood)

Actors, television personalities, and more recently, influencers are proof-positive that getting a personal trainer is worth it. You’ve undoubtedly seen the fitness transformations that your favorite celebrities have undergone to prepare for a role. Chris Pratt for example, went from loveable, paunchy Andy Dwyer on 30 Rock to the absolutely ripped Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Likewise, Lupita Nyong’o is reported to have been unable to fit in her clothes after working with a personal trainer to bulk up for Black Panther.

Finally, if you’ve never worked out with a trainer, you may not know just how much education you’ll receive from your trainer during your sessions. Throughout your training session, you’ll undoubtedly find that your trainer is teaching you how certain muscles in the body work. They will be educating you on how and why certain foods will either help or harm your progress. They will teach you what you need to be doing on your own to see the results you want to see. (And don’t be surprised when they follow up to see what you’re doing on your own.)

So is paying for a personal trainer worth it? Yes. But don’t just take it from us. Book a limited number of personal training sessions and decide for yourself. 

Book Personal Training in Burbank

If you’re new to personal training, start by booking a consultation with a top-reviewed personal trainer. Explain your goals and any deadlines. If you have a good rapport with the trainer, book a small package of sessions, and dive in. Call 818-374-7961, or send us a message to get started.

05 Oct

Why are there so many 90-day weight loss challenges? Quite frankly, it’s because when done correctly you can absolutely transform your body in 90 days. But the key to succeeding at a 90 Day Body Transformation is consistency, diligence, and getting help from a professional. Read on for everything to know about 90 day body transformations.

What is the 90 Day Workout Challenge?

As its name implies, the 90 Day workout challenge is a fitness challenge that often has more than one goal. You may want more energy. You may want to rehabilitate after an injury. You may be preparing for an important film or television role and need to tone up. You may be tired of your clothes not fitting well, or your self-esteem slumping. Whatever your motivation, remember, that transforming your body is not only possible, but also the natural result, when you dedicate yourself.

Assuming no one is incentivizing you with $10,000 to transform your body in 90-days, (like the lucky brother and sister of Browney), you may be wondering: Can you change your body in 90 days? The answer is unequivocally yes! But you’ll need to commit to:

  • Three one-hour strength training sessions per week
  • Three 45+ minute cardio sessions per week
  • Adherence to a nutritious diet

These three are absolutes. However, other factors may improve your results.

  • Personal Training for Body Transformation in 90 Days

Working out with a personal trainer can help you to learn the specific strength training exercises needed to target specific areas on the body. For example, if you’re looking for Jennifer Aniston arms, you shouldn’t spend two of your strength training days working your glutes. If your goal is LL Cool J abs, you’re not going to get there maxing out with dead lifts. By working with a trainer, you’ll learn how to target the specific muscle groups that will result in the most significant transformation.

  • Food Journaling for Transformation

Food journaling isn’t technically required, but most people struggle with body transformations without journaling. Why? People tend to underestimate portion sizes. Although we think we aren’t eating much, snacks throughout the day add up.

 We also tend to assume that certain foods are healthy, even when there are far better choices. A takeout salad can provide a ton of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. But if it’s drenched in a sugary salad dressing it’s not nearly as healthy as you may think.

By journaling everything you eat, you’re able to see in black and white just how much (or how little) food you’re consuming. Reminder: if you don’t consume enough food, your body will start storing fat, and you’ll inadvertently sabotage your transformation.

  • Body Scanning

Knowing your body composition can be incredibly motivating and allow you to set mini goals within your challenge. For example, you may find that body is more than 30% fat, and you’d like it to be closer to 20%. Regular body composition scanning can be an incredible tool for helping you stick to your plan, and ultimately achieve your goals.

What Does a 90 Day Transformation Diet Look Like?

A diet that will help you to completely transform your body in 90 days, will include lean protein, a lot of greens, and a reduction in overly processed foods. Intermittent fasting often also plays a role, to ensure you’re not consuming all your carbs, for example, at 10:00 pm before you go to bed.

A specially formulated nutrition plan will help you to stay on track with macronutrients, curb cravings, and make the best use of the food, when it comes to slimming down, and revealing muscle tone. Having a personal trainer review your food journal, and make recommendations based on your objectives, and any diet restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) can make an enormous difference in your outcome.

Can I Do a 90 Day Body Transformation at Home?

Yes. You can do a 90-day body transformation at home, but it’s likely going to take a lot more of your time, than if you brought in a trainer. You’ll need to spend time determining the right diet, the right exercises, and staying motivated on your own. Plus, most people don’t have body composition scanners at home. But if you’d prefer to transform your body at home, look for a trainer who has a training app, or offers remote coaching.

90 Day Body Transformation in Burbank, Glendale, Studio City

Still wondering: can you transform your body in 90 days? We promise you can. To get started on your own personal transformation, contact SY Performance today. With a private fitness studio in Burbank, SY Performance provides everything you need to effectively change your body, your eating habits, your energy level, and your life. From personal training to meal planning, body composition scanning, mobile app access, and more, we’ve helped thousands to transform their bodies with a 90 day workout challenge. Call 818-374-7961, or send us a message to get started.